About Us

About Aluarc

AluArc is a trademark of Gurkan Building Elements Inc, a corporate that provides high quality products and services of exterior building elements internationally. With more than 30 years of experience, Aluarc is one of the leading movable glass systems of Turkey

First Aluarc products are the fruits of Solmaz Machinery Ltd Company of Turkey which has a significant place within the sector in machining and moulding. And in 2016 the company made an alliance with Gurkan Building Elements Inc, in design, development, production and international sales of Aluarc Movable Glass Systems (Kupa Movable Glass Systems with its Turkish brand name).

The distinguishing part of Aluarc is firstly based on its designers. Combining the expertise and experience of Solmaz Machinery Co’s devoted machinery designers and Gurkan Building Elements Inc’s Austrian based international designers resulted in very fruitful outcomes, and the products have gained great satisfaction from customers around the world in different continents.

Solmaz Machinery was the company that supported the very first balcony glazing producers of Turkey with designing their systems and steer the glazing system sector in Turkey. At the same time we became the first company of Turkey to produce local glazing accessories. And all accessories are manufactured in our premises with high technology machinery by our experienced employees.

By Aluarc Movable Glass Systems, we aim at producing perfectly running systems that don’t have the design deficits of the current brands in the sector; so creating the best value for our dealers.

By today, we are proud to have completely our own design of folding, sliding, top hanging and movable roof glazing systems that has the least customer complaints. Our systems get more and more acknowledged internationally as well as in Turkey, thanks to mounting and usage ease, their high quality and aesthetical means.

How We Serve You

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    Project Solutions

    A team composed of R&D experts, civil engineers and architects evaluates your project and offer the best solution according to your project needs. This also enables right and meaningful cost calculation.

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    Other than our current product portfolio, we are able to design custom made solutions/products according to your regional or project needs.

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    Calculation Software

    Our dealers are able to draw, calculate and price their projects easily with the AluArc software.

  4. 4
    Continuous Support and Training for Our Dealers

    Our team of experts follows up your project from a-to-z. We give on site manufacturing and installation training for our products as well as online support to wherever you are.

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    Quality and precision play a key role during production. All AluArc systems are manufactured with best quality raw materials with state-of-art machinery by trained teams following the quality management systems.

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    On-Site Installation

    Additional to installation manuals and online support, we have installation teams to undertake your installation projects that can serve you in all countries.

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    Short delivery times with maximum quality is a must for us. So we continuously monitor our work flow to ensure customer satisfaction in final customer acceptance.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives while protecting the environment by enhancing the performance of buildings, providing the best quality and aesthetic windows, doors and façade products. We want to inspire the construction sector with our way doing business which is based on trust, reliability and sustainability.

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    Our management, just-in-time workflow and consistency in our services are to provide the long term success, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry.

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    Understanding our customer needs, serving them at its best and keeping our promises is our core value above all.

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    Quality and Durability

    As our quality management systems certified by ISO and CE labelling, as well as our materials by Qualanod, Qualicoat and Germany PfB test institute, we only use the best quality aluminium and accessories.

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    Wide range of choices

    As being the main producer, we are able to serve you all the colours and options of accessories promptly.

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    Right Design Solutions

    Our Austrian based R&D team offers you profound understanding and the best solutions for your complex project needs. You get the smartest choices which are robust and aesthetic as well as contributing to environment protection at the same time.

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    International Experience

    Having variety of nations in our work team and also serving to more than 20 countries in different continents, we understand different perspectives and speak your language.

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    Our goal for the perfect synthesis of design and functionality, lead us always to develop both visually and architecturally superior solutions.

Gurkan Building Elements

Gurkan Building Elements Inc began its journey in 2001 with commitment to build a long-standing trust and bring the best quality service to its customers as a u-PVC systems fabricator and installer in Rize Turkey.

Since 2001, Gurkan Building Elements worked with well respected, high quality suppliers and with the most talented workforce. Providing our customers always with the best results, has built our current customer portfolio. The main marketing strategy so far was our committed employees, honesty and high-quality service.

In the following years, we participated in design, fabricating and installation services of projects of hotels, industrial venues and building complexes with systems of movable glass systems, aluminium and U-PVC windows and doors, as well as façade systems.

In year 2014, with thanks to understanding customer needs at the best and combining Austrian technical expertise, we launched our own aluminium systems of façade systems, windows-doors and movable glass systems with its patented brand AluArc.

In year 2016, Gurkan Building Elements became partners with the first designer of movable glazing systems in Turkey – Kupa Movable Glass Systems, in design, development, production and international sales with brand of Aluarc Movable Glass Systems. And in a short while they merged their unique expertise to deliver what the market is long for the best quality products with right prices combined with best service.

After five years of successful projects in Arabian Peninsula and serving big developers like Günal, Damac etc, by year 2017, Gurkan Building Elements has launched its third premises in Dubai, UAE and began to serve more closely to Arabian Peninsula.

Currently, importing and giving project service to wide range of customers in more than 20 countries all over the world, we aim to grow further internationally and go on being the sustainable, trustworthy business partner of our stakeholders by providing with the best system solution, best consultancy and best workmanship.